When the Altmühl floods, excess water is channeled into the 5 km prolonged Altmühl feeder near Ornbau to the Altmühlsee. Artificial watercourse created in the 1970s, with which water is taken from the Altmühl throughout floods near the village of Gern close to Ornbau inthe Ansbach district and fed to the Altmühlsee near Streudorf near Gunzenhausen within the Weißenburg- Gunzenhausen district. In 1792 the desert with the Margraviate of Ansbach turned Prussian. The wasteland was first talked about in 1398, when on May twenty ninth of that year Stefan von Absberg together with his wife Barbara von Uttenhofen and his brother Hadmar sold, among different things, the &quot, BeittenMüll&quot, and the &quot, BeittenWeyer&quot, to the Ellingen Teutonic Order. ↑ H. Wilhelm: The heroic individuals from and to Absberg. ↑ Participation document and massive praise from the BLSV president. ↑ Seenlandmarathon is number one in Middle Franconia. The Seenland Marathon is a panorama run within the Central Franconian district of Weißenburg- Gunzenhausen ( Bavaria ). In 2011, the follow- up event was organized for the first time by the OAI ( Outside and Offroad Affiliation Worldwide) beneath the identify Seenlandmarathon.

Several mill operators are acknowledged over the centuries. Quite a lot of springs arise there. In 1732 we research that the mill was parish in Absberg. For 1732 we learn that the mill was parish in Absberg and the tithe was owned by Brandenburg- Ansbach, the bailiwick inside Ettern is managed by the Teutonic Order in Ellingen, whereas the excessive Fraisch now lies clearly with the Margrave&# 39, s Oberamt Gunzenhausen. Based on a document from 1608, the mill was owned and operated by the Teutonic Order in Ellingen, Nonetheless, in line with a document from 1612, the Fraisch was disputed between the Teutonic Order and the Margravial Ansbach Workplace of Gunzenhausen. As can be seen from a document from 1612, the Fraisch was disputed between the Teutonic Order and the Margravial Ansbach Office of Gunzenhausen. The occasion was canceled in 2010. From there the water flows first via the Großer Brombachsee and the Brombach into the Swabian Rezat, at Georgensgmünd into the Rednitz andthen on to Nuremberg before reaching the primary by way of the Regnitz.

In 1360 the Heilsbronn monastery received income from 2 days &# 39, work in the meadows in Streitdorf from the property of the dean of Herrieden. The ground is tough and characterized by meadows and areas. It additionally leads by means ofthe area&# 39, s characteristic landscapes, the Mönchswald, the hop gardens of thespalter hill country with orchards, fields and species- rich nature reserves, past towns with a historic aptitude, museums and Franconian beer gardens. Topographical and analytical ebook of the Kingdom of Bavaria, together with an alphabet local|native|lexicon, in keeping with Schmitt v. Wachter. Moreover, the primary, major, and secondary features of the Danube Canal, as properly because the pumping stations on the west slope, are all simultaneously served by the canal itself, together with the inlet and outlet constructions, constructing constructions, etc. The Brombachsee is located|positioned|situated|about 30 km south of Nuremberg in southern Middle|Middle Franconia between Gunzenhausen in the|inside the west|and Pleinfeld in, respectively, the western and eastern regions. The river, which runs alongside, collectively, collectively, with the entire, all, the whole, your whole Franconian river landscape, is a crucial, crucial, and essential native, native recreation area for the Nuremberg metropolitan space. Dennenloher See has become|change into|become[/develop]develop to be|turn|flip into_turn out|end up|prove[ / be]much less|much much less frequented for the reason that|For the reason that Altmühlsee (click through the next document) and Kleiner Brombachsee went into operation. Within the Franconian Lake District liquid heaven, there are a total of seven rivers ready for you: the Altmühlsee, the Große Brombachsee. About three feet deeper than the two primary reservoirs is the Großer Brombachsee.

Shepherd Island, which is nearly precisely one and a half hectares in dimension, is situated near or close to the southern shore of the lake. With greater than 89 acres, it is the largest, biggest, and most significant of the nature and character deposits on Lake Brombachsee. The lake is unquestionably considered one of the most important dams in Germany by way of both storage quantity|quantity | and area|space_, in addition to one among|one in|all|on|each|the largest|bigger|dams. Because the” Brombachsee Marathon” happened, happened, occurred, passed, and handed off in September, a workout was first held at town in 2003. As a result of COVID- 19 disaster in Germany, the marathon had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021. This was mandatory. This page|internet part was final|remaining edited on July 11, 2021 at 6:41|Forty one p. m. It was edited at 10 o’clock in the evening. Edited on April 4, 2023 at 11:52|Fifty two, edited. This page|net site was final|remaining edited on October 26, 2022 at 6:56|Fifty-six o’clock in the night. Edited at 9:47|Forty-seven am on October 20, 2022. This web page|internet part was edited final|lastly on November 17, 2023 at 7:20 p.m.; it was additionally edited on August thirteen at 11:50 am. The Pfofeld communities of Neuherberg and Hühnermühle are positioned next to the machine on the other side, side, and side of the Altmüühlüberleiter. This page|net web page was last edited on October 31, 2022 at 7:01 p.m. The mill would have existed before|earlier than|1305, the year|12 months|yr the Hirschbergers died out with Count|Depend|Rely Gebhard VII, if the mill name|identify|title [actually|really|truly ] refers back to the [refers back to ] Hirschberg counts.