It then takes up the Brombach coming from the Großer Brombachsee and passes a number of mills and the villages of Mühlstetten and Niedermauk, two districts of the municipality of Röttenbach within the Roth district. After main hydraulic engineering measures, the Swabian Rezat now, together with different bodies of water, conveys water from the rain-wealthy south of Bavaria to the rain-poor north of Bavaria. Higher reaches of unknown title above the large pond and approx. Frequency / consistency and energy of the wind (required is a wind energy from approx. Water, measured right down to the level of the unique stream valley, is as a lot as 13.Four meters deep. Additionally to the top of the mountain spur There are two more moats, considered one of which continues to be six meters deep. A bit of later, the Swabian Rezat is fed by the outflow of a sewage therapy plant. Along the federal street 466, which he crosses two occasions after the forest leak on the north -east course on the north -japanese place of Markt Gnotzheim, he reaches it there and runs briefly under its western tip. Lastly, the Swabian Rezat unites between the namesake of the municipality of Georgensgmünd on the left and its district of Petersgmünd on the proper at 341.7 m excessive with the southwest, some longer and more receptive Franconian Rezat for the oblique Fundamental inflow Rednitz.

Quellbach, from proper and south to about 366 m above sea degree. It’s positioned in an uninhabited area north of the Altmühlsee in the south of Center Franconia. NHN between Muhr am See within the southeast and orn constructing in the northwest and is limited in the south of the Altmühlsee, within the east of the Mönchswald, within the north by the towns of Hirschlach and Heglau and within the west by the old mill. After descending from the Alb plateau, the Scheide moves, initially over the Franconian Alb-Zeugenberg Schloßberg (606.7 m), in entrance of, amongst different issues, the tributaries of the higher Roth approximately northwest to the confluence with the Franconian Rezat; Right here the catchment area of ​​the Rednitz borders on the skin. The northern watershed west of the mouth borders the decrease catchment space of ​​the Franconian Rezat, which additionally competes in the northwest by way of its right-hand tributary Erlbach close to Höfstetten. From there as much as the mouth, the valley and the remainder of the precise catchment area belong to the sub-space Rother Sand Platten, while the left catchment space is divided into the sub-areas Southern Foreland of the Spalt Hills (with Brombachgrund) in the south, Southern Spalt Hill in the northwest and north and a span of the Eastern Foreland of thespalter hill nation near the mouth of the Rezat to the left. It then runs a brief distance immediately along the watershed and here turns north.

The western and southwestern watershed runs towards the higher Altmühl and its smaller left tributaries. NHN high peaks of the Laubbichels east of the Wülzburg on the southeastern watershed. NHN at the northeast foot of the Wachtlerberg (587 m above sea level. Nearly all of the remaining southern a part of the catchment space lies inside the adjoining pure area foreland of the Southern Franconian Alb, of which the upper Rezattal and the low hills and mountains east of it within the sub-space foreland of the Weißenburger Alb, whereas the areas to the left and to the west of the valley belong to the Weimersheimer Platte sub-space. From a pure perspective, the catchment space there shares the eaves of the Southern Franconian Alb, and more exactly, its sub-areas (from southwest to northeast) Weißenburger Alb, Anlauteralb and Anlauter-Braunjuratrichter. Some smaller towns within the southwest are only some hundred meters away from the lake. The Wiesmet is situated on the territory of the towns of Merkendorf, Ornbau and Arberg in the Ansbach district and the towns of Muhr am See and Gunzenhausen within the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district. Geyern Castle is a castle owned by the Geyern taverns in Geyern, part of the municipality of Bergen within the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district in Central Franconia.

Transfer to the Kelheim district. ↑ Names of bodies of water in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district, Mfr., in: Sheets for Upper German title research. ↑ Terhills Resort by Heart Parcs. In 2015, Center Parcs UK employed round 7,500 folks and had two million company. With round 1,100 hectares, the Wiesmet is considered one of the most important and most essential wetlands in southern Germany. The Wiesmet lies at around 415 m above sea degree. In consequence of establishment of the Franconian Lake District, around 900 hectares of the Wiesmet had been lost, which is why the Free State of Bavaria bought round 170 hectares of land and renatured it. The nearly one and a half hectare Shepherd Island is positioned close to the southern shore of the lake. On March 3, 2018, a pedestrian fell on the lake's unrestricted ice surface. This web page was final edited on March 23, 2023 at 7:58 am. This page was final edited on November 4, 2022 at 10:24 am. This web page was last edited on January 30, 2021 at 7:24 p.m. This page was last edited on August 25, 2022 at 10:08 am. This page was last edited on October 16, 2023 at 4:Forty two am. Kirchehrenbach Forchheim On the street from Kirchehrenbach up to Walberla, at the end of the town you will find the small Kneipp facility on the left. The very best discharge ever measured was 55.Four m³/s on April 13, 1994, which corresponds to an annual occurrence of well over 50 years.

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